Craigslist Accounts

Craigslist Accounts: Signup, Terms of Use, Posting Software

You need at least one account to post cars on Craigslist. It is easy. All you need is an email. If you do not have one already, just go to yahoo, gmail or hotmail to get one. Then using that email, you can signup to Craigslist. In the middle of the signup process, they will send an email to the address so that they can verify the correctness of the info. After that, you will enter your new password and accept terms of use(TOU). Now you are an active user.

How many posts can you do with one account per day? Actually it depends on other factors as well but usually not more than once every 48 hours. To be on the safe side you can extend this period to 72 hours or even 1 week. You may have experienced successful posts in one day. Sometimes you may even be able to do 4-5 posts per day with one account. Craigslist is tricky that way. They allow you to post for some time and then you end up getting blocked for good. Usually you will start seeing the signs slowly. First you will see 1-2 posts per day getting blocked. The next day none of your posts will be live. You will need to wait for about 1 week for it to be resolved.

In any case, it is pretty clear that you will need multiple accounts to be able to post beyond a certain frequency. If you purchase a domain with email hosting it is very easy to create new email accounts. Much easier than getting an email with yahoo or gmail. Carsinia provides email hosting at its best. Furthermore, our DMS can signup your accounts automatically. If you need to setup multiple accounts fast, Carsinia will do it for you. Contact us for more details and demonstration.

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