Posting Cars Craigslist Advanced Topics: Captcha, Bulk Posting and Costs

Craigslist Solutions

Posting cars on Craigslist can be pretty complicated. In this section we will talk about the advanced topics. Everybody wants to bulk post their inventory. It is important to check the legal side of things and how much investment is needed. Read about these topics below and contact us for more info and demonstration.


What is CAPTCHA? It is actually an acronym. It stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The reason Craigslist uses this verification is because they want to make sure that there is an actual human being posting the ad. They want local sellers reaching local buyers. Read more...

Bulk Posting

There is no bulk uploading or posting interface for car dealers on Craigslist. They do have an API for bulk posting on certain categories: namely real estate and jobs. You have to pay for these categories and that is why the bulk posting is available. Unfortunately you cannot pay to be shown in motor vehicles categories. Read more...

Pricing and Costs

Please read all the articles in this website before reading the pricing. It can be complicated but you need to understand how the Craigslist posting works before delving into the costs. Read more...

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