Craigslist Bulk Posting Software for Car Dealers: Upload Interface, Ghosting Solution

There is no bulk uploading or posting interface for car dealers on Craigslist. They do have an API for bulk posting on certain categories: namely real estate and jobs. You have to pay for these categories and that is why the bulk posting is available. Unfortunately you cannot pay to be shown in motor vehicles categories. Hopefully in the future they will change that and a lot of dealers will be saved the frustration of getting ghosted. At this point in time it is not available. Contact us if you would like to know if it became available since this article was published.

The only way you can legally bulk post is Carsinia. Your posts need to be unique and different. They need to come from different accounts and IP addresses. You should clear cookies before each post. You should convert parts of the post to image and upload to a server farm like photobucket or flicker. There is only one solution that does that automatically for you: Carsinia. You still need to do phone verification, password reset and read captchas. However, it is the legally easiest way to post on Craigslist.

Carsinia offers great features for reporting about your ads. We show how many people viewed your ads. This is done with a nearly invisible image on your post pages. As soon as that image is requested, we record the viewing IP address and URL and make it available for reporting. Also, we show the status of your posts. If after posting a car, nobody has viewed it after an hour, it is most probably ghosted. If it is being viewed, it is active. If it got some views but nobody viewed it in the past 2 days, we conclude that it is expired. We show these status codes to you for each post. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

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