Flagging on Craigslist

Flagging on Craigslist: Competition, SPAM, Overpost, Ghosting

What is flagging on Craigslist? In short, it is the act of one user telling on another. One visitor reporting that a particular post is SPAM-like. It is natural to expect that competitors in a market will use this tool to gain advantage. And they do.

What happens when you get flagged? You need to remember that Craigslist has only about a dozen employees. The entire system is mostly automated. Thousands of people post on Craigslist every MINUTE. All of them are complaining about one thing or another. Some have questions. Simply put, the staff does not have time to deal with all of these issues. That is why, one person complaining about another is usually harmless. However, if you get enough number of complaints in a short amount of time, it is possible to get the attention from Craigslist employees. What will happen is that your account will be blocked (maybe even your IP address). Depending on what you posted you may be fined or sued. Usually this does not happen.

How many complaints is too many? Nobody knows. Unless you are posting inappropriate stuff in the cars category, staff will take a look at them and simply ban your account. It is the cars category by dealers. Of course you want to post all your inventory. What is frowned upon is trying to top-post the same vehicle every day or posting multiple ads for the same car in multiple cities. It is very difficult to say one post is SPAM or repetitious or overpost.

So, how do you deal with getting flagged? You just open up new accounts, use new IPs and new phone numbers and be careful not to make the same mistake. This entire site is dedicated to things you should do to avoid getting ghosted or flagged. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

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