Craigslist Car Dealer Software Solution

Welcome to our website. Here you can find info about posting cars on Craigslist. Carsinia provides a great solution for dealers. Please read about our technology below, watch our video and contact us for more info and demonstration.


Craigslist Email Verification Update (9/22/2011): Craigslist recently started asking for email verifications that probably broke quite a few auto posters. Carsinia responded very quickly to these changes and our system can handle this new process just fine.

Problems: Ghosting and Flagging

A lot of people that do not deal with Craigslist regularly are surprised to know the problems car dealers have. It is just not easy to post your inventory on Craigslist. There are two major problems associated with it: Ghosting and Flagging. Ghosting is when you have posted a vehicle to Craigslist but it is nowhere to be found when you search for it. Flagging is the act of one user telling on another. One visitor reporting that a particular post is SPAM-like. Read more about the problems on posting cars on Craigslist...

Solutions: Accounts, Templates, IP Addresses and Phone Numbers

Carsinia offers a powerful software solution that automates a lot of the things you need to do manually. You can signup for new accounts easily. Our DMS will randomize your post to minimize chances of ghosting. Your images will be hosted on Amazon server farm. We will help you get phone numbers and IP Addresses. You can then input them in our system and use your accounts every other day to post your inventory through multiple IP addresses. Read more about the Carsinia solutions...

What You Need to Know: Captcha, Bulk Posting, Costs and Pricing

Craigslist uses Captcha verification because they want to make sure that there is an actual human being posting the ad. They want local sellers reaching local buyers. It is illegal to "crack" the captcha. There is no bulk uploading or posting interface for car dealers on Craigslist. You cannot pay to be shown in motor vehicles categories. Carsinia is the only legal bulk posting solution available. Read more about our software and pricing...


Carsinia does not encourage dealers to fill Craigslist with SPAM. We most certainly do not want any of our clients to break the terms of use for Craigslist. You can get into serious trouble for breaking the conditions. You can get blacklisted, fined and sued for significant amounts. We do not encourage re-posting or top-posting of vehicles in our system. We just help dealers speed up their manual posting process and educate dealers how to avoid posts that are falsely identified as SPAM and ghosted.

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