Craigslist Postings with Multiple IP Addresses: Ghosting, Proxies and Proximity

Using multiple IP addresses with Craigslist posts

What is an IP Address? In short, it is the identity or address of a computer. Craigslist wants to eliminate ads that are over posted with ghosting filters and IP address plays an important role in this mechanism. It is like using an account. Ideally they want to see one person using one IP address once every 2-3 days and posting something that does not look like anything that was posted before. With Carsinia you can do this emulation from a single computer.

Where can you get different IP addresses? There are a few obvious options. Your IP address at work is different from home. So, you can try utilizing both computers. Another option is to use an aircard from a wireless company. Verizon and Sprint both offer these cards that operate from anywhere. The IP addresses you get with these cards change all the time. If you would like to get a different IP, you can usually just reconnect to the Internet. The problem with this approach is that the IP addresses are usually close together. It is kinda like getting different addresses within the same neighborhood. It does not take long for Craigslist to figure out that you are the same person. Furthermore, if your IP changes in the middle of a post, it will more than likely ask you to do phone verification or password reset. That leaves pretty much the only feasible alternative: Proxies.

What are proxies? Normally every computer has a single IP address. It is possible to have multiple IP addresses for a computer. Proxies are special computers with multiple IP addresses that redirect requests under a different IP address. Your proxy server can be public or private. If it is public it means that a lot of other people are using the same IP address along with you. Usually these do not work well for posts since they are burned by other people that are trying to post with that IP. Private proxies are reserved for you. Since no one else uses them, they are clean. This is what we recommend.

The proximity of the IP address to the posting city matters. The closer you are the better it is. Also, you should use the same account with the same IP address all the time. You want to create the illusion of one person logging in once in a while and posting from the same computer. There are some other things you may have heard of that are related to this.

For example, some people ask browser should I change the MAC address as well. The answer is no. There is no way for Craigslist to detect what your MAC address is.

Should you clear cookies before each post? Yes. Craigslist checks the cookies to see if you look like somebody else that posted before.

Should I change my user agent string? (browser signature) No. Millions of people use Firefox and Internet Explorer. Unless you have a browser that nobody uses you do not need to do that.

Carsinia provides all this in one system. We do not allow to post from one IP address more than once every 48 hours. We use the same IP address every time for each account if you set up private proxy. We clears cookies and use the same browser signature. Please note that IP address setup is done outside of Carsinia and costs extra. Please refer to pricing page for details and contact us for more info and demonstration.

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