Craigslist Software Solution for Car Dealers: Pricing and Costs

Craigslist Solution Pricing

Please read all the articles in this website before reading the pricing. It can be complicated but you need to understand how the Craigslist posting works before delving into the costs.

Carsinia provides Craigslist solution along with our base package. In this package, you get a ton of features along with Craigslist. Some examples are: inventory management, floor planning, vin decoder, autotrader, and ebay motors posting, CRM, dealer forms and documents, deal wizard, credit reports and EZ dealer finance integration. The pricing for this package is $99 per month + $149 setup fee for the first month.

You also need IP addresses if you would like to be able to post beyond a certain number of vehicles. Carsinia will not allow you to post more than one vehicle every 48 hours if you have only one account/IP. We can provide a proxy service for you. We will find a host in your city and setup a server there with multiple IP addresses. This service is has a $50 setup fee and it is $100 per month for each host + $5 per month for each IP Address.

You also need a phone number for every account. They go in increments like this: 1 phone number is $5 per month. 5 for $20, 10 for $38, 25 for $93, 50 for $180 and 100 for $350 per month.

How many accounts, IP addresses, phone numbers do you need? Depends on how many posts you want to do per day. If you would like to post 10-12 ads per day, you will need 20-25 accounts, IP addresses and phone numbers. You want to use each account once every 48-72 hours. If you setup 25 accounts, this would cost you somewhere around $199 setup and $417 monthly. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

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