Posting Cars on Craigslist: Dealer Software, Ghosting and Flagging

Craigslist Problems

A lot of people that do not deal with Craigslist regularly are surprised to know the problems car dealers have. It is just not easy to post your inventory on Craigslist. There are two major problems associated with it. You can read about them below and learn about the solutions Carsinia provides in this website. Contact us for more info and demonstration.


You may think you have posted a vehicle successfully to Craigslist but you may not be able to find it when you search for it. Most probably your ad is "ghosted" by Craigslist. This is something they do when they think your post is repetitous or SPAM-like. This is a major problem. Read more...


Flagging is the act of one user telling on another. One visitor reporting that a particular post is SPAM-like. It is natural to expect that competitors in a market will use this tool to gain advantage. And they do. Read more...

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