Craigslist Templates for Car Dealers: Dynamic Random Changing

Sample Craigslist Template

You need unique posts so that they will not be ghosted. It is a major factor in the ghosting score. In general, if you have a word that repeats throughout the post, it will be ghosted. For example, if you write your phone number twice in the post, it will probably not be seen by other people. In this page you can find some tips for increasing your chances of getting thorough the filters.

Some words may occasionally be blocked completely from time to time. Sometimes one or more dealers post a particular model too often and it ends up getting blocked. For example, if you do not see any Chevrolet Colorado getting through for some time (by searching for it on Craigslist) and when you try to post it does not show up, just do not use that word next time you post. This seems to be a side effect of the ghosting filters.

If you see a lot of the same brand getting posted a lot, just wait a little before posting. Or you may want to post during off hours where chances of collision is less. Or you can try taking that brand name off from the post altogether. Say for example you saw 10 Ford Explorer ads in the past 30 minutes. Just post it as Explorer. Exclude Ford. You can also try switching the order. Say Explorer Ford.

This is obvious but vary the title, location and body as much as possible. Use different phrases in title especially. You can point out a great feature of the vehicle. One owner, low miles, runs great are some examples. You can use the same phrases after some time - possibly about 2 days. You need to keep track of which template you used and not use it again for some time.

Length of the post matters. You do not want to be too long or too short. Ideal length is about 3 - 10 sentences for an ad. If you need to use more than that, it is best to convert them to images. For more info about using images in posts see the other article. Especially for the body of the post try to use expressions that are known to work. See posts that are successful and use them with slight variations.

If possible, use different links in every post. If you have a website, you can try setting up a few redirect domains and using them in the posts. Having links to the same website increases the chances of ghosting.

Carsinia has a great templating system where you can setup random tokens and convert the entire or parts of the post to images. What is more, the system keeps track of when you used a template and does not allow re-using of it for 2 days. Contact us for more info and demonstration.

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